Sochitel international mobile remittance services

Digital Access for Africa

Mobile Airtime Top-up, Mobile Data Top-up and Bill Payments for utilities and other services across Africa

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Products &

Our products deliver value across the world

From a robust platform with the state of the art technology we transfer value instantly across the world.

  • Mobile Airtime Top-up
  • Mobile Data Top-up
  • Bill Payments
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Global distribution

We are everywhere you need us to be

Over 420,000 electronic points of sales around the world in conjunction with our partners.

  • E-POS Electronic channels
  • Vouchers & physical cards
  • OVERSEAS TOP UP e-commerce retail sales
  • Wholesale & Bulk distribution
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IT Business

Our API allows you to connect to global services

Our IT infrastructure guarantees 99.9% uptime for clients internationally.

  • API for products & services with customisable solutions
  • White Label Web portal
  • Payment & Collections platform
  • IVR & USSD service options
  • Telecoms Consultancy services
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Financial & Corporate Clients

Network & Distribution Partners

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